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Hammink Performance: Specialist In American Vehicles / Cobra  / Invitation to HARC trackday

Invitation to HARC trackday


Dear historic replica owner,

On the road to starting the replica racing series, Hammink Performance and the HARC will offer the opportunity 5 times a year to drive you historic replica on the race track at reduced cost, even for drivers without racing license.
There will not be any competitive driving, but everybody is able to practice, test, and gain race track experience. All in all popular days where a lot of drivers in a very good atmosphere, and with respect for each other have a great time, its very enjoyable!

For everybody who owns a historic sportscar replica this is a very good opportunity to meet Hammink Performance and the HARC, and it’s a great preparation for the ones who intend to eventually race competitive.

As preparation for the race series for historic replicas, which the HARC in cooperation with Hammink Performance intends to start, we are offering you to take parts in this years last trackday at November 2nd at Circuit Zandvoort at reduced costs of €100,00 for 3 sessions of 30 minutes. (normally €140,00)

With sufficient interest we might even be able to host a separate session just for the historic replica’s.

To participate it is not necessary to have a racing license, but you do need a valid drivers license. At the start of the day your car will be inspected for safety, a subject which is very important to the HARC! As soon as you apply for the trackday, we will send you a checklist that will show the points of attention.

The safety demands for a street car are a lot different than for a race car. Your car will be checked with the goal to keep it as safe and fun as possible for everybody.

Its highly advisable to remove all loose things from the interior, don’t leave things laying in the seat next to you or behind you. Make sure your tire pressure is a little higher than usual (+ 0.3 atm.), make sure your engine oil level is at its maximum, and that your shock absorbers are working properly. Also make sure there are no fluid leaks .

When you are interested to participate in the competitive racing series, this is great opportunity to get experience in driving your historic replica on a race track!

U can apply for the trackday at Hammink Performance or the HARC, and make sure to mention the replica racing series

The participants will be divided in 4 groups.
Group 1: Normal and modern street cars, historic cars (without roll cage, and other race track equipment)
Group 2: Non license holders with race cars (roll cage and fire extinguisher mandatory)
Group 3: License holders with race cars
Group 4: Monoposto’s and “Donkervoort-like cars” (like Lotus 7, Caterham and Westfield)

MANDATORY BRIEFING (1, 2 & 3 terras Mickey’s , group 4 pitbox  tbd)
08.30 uur        group 1, 2, 3
09.05 uur        group 2, 3
09.30 uur        group 4
10.00 uur        group 3

09.00 – 09.50        group 1 / group 2/3
09.55 – 10.20        group 4
10.25 – 11.10        group 1 / group 2/3
11.15 – 11.40        group 4
11.45 – 12.35        group 1 / group 2/3
12.35 – 13.00        group 4
13.00  track day end

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